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by PFC on 04/03/19

Partner Warm-up:
30 cal/row *switch every 5 calories
15 sync air squats
15 sync pushups
20 sync abmat sit-ups
Group stretch/review

Partner WOD:
20min AFAP:
*One works, one rests.*
50 cal/AB
50 DB Snatch 50#/35# (scaled=20#/10#) L/R=2
10x50m shuttle run (D&B=50m)*tag to switch


*Both work synchronized*
50 Box Jumps 24”/18 (scaled=18” stepups)
75 air squats
100 abmat sit-ups (both touch wallball in-between partners)


*One Works, One rests.*
Max Calorie AB

Couch stretch
Calf stretch
Band shoulder and tricep stretch

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