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by PFC on 05/03/19

10 power snatch 45#/35#
10 strict press
10 barfacing burpees
200m row
PVC pass through
PVC squat pass throughs
Leg swings
Group stretch/Review

Partner WOD: (36min Time cap)
“Online qualifier workout 2&5”
One works, one rests
80 bar facing burpees (switch every 5 reps)
4000m Row (switch every 200m)
30 power snatch 135#/95# (scaled/masters=75#/55#)
30 strict HSPU *5in raise [45# plate+ abmat]
(Scale = 60 HR push-ups other partner plank holds while other partner completes reps)

Let Merilyn know how awesome she is!!!!??????

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