Jeff and JoJeff, Jo, and Jon CrossFitters!!!Were not bodybuilders, Were CrossFitters get it right!Joey's Single Arm Flag Handstand
Debra Completing a DeadliftIvan Completing a Double Under 12-4-08Ivan - Completing 500m RowIvan completing a Power Clean 12-4-08 Workout
Uncle Rhabdo (see also Rhabdomyolysis.)Pukie The CrossFit Clown
Ivan 75lbs DB Swing"The Terrible" praying to the D.B.Shawna and Cindy completing "Whoa""The Terrible" Handstanding on top of the mountain!CrossFit!!!Greater Gold Wrestling Crossfit Kids! (Top Left to Right)  Trevor, Michael, Hunter, James, Chance, Isaac, Curtis, and JarretNikki's Handstand!3/23/2009 Let the bodies hit the floor!CrossFit Souvenirs"Fight On Friday""Fight On Friday" CrossFit Class"Fight On Friday" CrossFit ClassAlmost Done!Shelly's Sweat Angel Pose!Stephanie, Jerome, and Jack.  After another wonderful morning of CrossFitKathy hanging out after "Fight On Friday"Rich's 1st CrossFit experience!  He did awesome!Steven's sweat angel.4-11-2009 Building up a Crossfit Community one CrossFitter at a time!Cindy!!!Joey and Ivan after Ivan beat Joey's record for "Jackie" 8:43RXSamson Stretches!Demonstration of the KB swing, Good job Darrin!Demonstration of KB Swing.  Good job Darrin!Cindy completing the KB Swing!Look of Determination! Go Steven!Wall Ball Shots! Jerome, Darrin, and Steven.Darrin isn't sleeping.  He's praying to the Wall Sit.Obviously it wasn't hard enough if Cindy K. is still smiling.3-2-1 GO!!!Steph rowing!Jerome looks happy!Cody looks like he just warmed-up!Sweat Angels!Done!!!For every Burpee, a Sweat Angel gets it's wings!W.O.D = W.T.F  :)Project Fitness!!!!!Darrin's Sweat Angel at La Plata Peak!  For Time: 5hrs 36mins RXCrossFit Regionals 2009A little crash and burn.Steven's ThrusterRepresenting Emmy's Salon!Yes, that is sweat angel on the floor!What can happen when you fail to clear the box on a Box Jump!  OUCH!Deb!"The Infamous KB"Run, Jump, Lift, Puke, For time!!P.F.Jeff's CrossFit Cert. Pic!Jerome completing a 50m plate run!The "sister" completing plate squat cleans!How did Jarett kill Gigantor?  It involved 150 Kettlebell swings and 4x200m Runs.Jami and Merilyn doing some handstands!Amber and Eliana completing "The Friday Buffet"Mike's Push Press.Simple Jack Rowing.Brandon Completing the Sunday Funday WOD.Simple Jack Clean & Jerk (Sunday Funday WOD)Done!New stomping grounds for the P.F.C.New stomping grounds for the P.F.C.Ivan's CrossFit Cert. Picture!CrossFit Sky diving...Amber falling from the sky...For time:cody and Rob.  Down 35lbs in 2 months!Jerome!JOJo DB Power Snatching!T-Y!  Reppin' the CrossFit!Utry's Single Arm Handstand!Now's that team work!  Mike assisting Grant on Strict Dead Hang Pullups!Cody and Jack's CrossFit Level 1 Cert.Can't have nothin' nice...
Jon Instructing Jeff on perfecting his Kipping Pull-ups.Jon's Callused CrossFit HandIrene's 1st CrossFit CalluseJo and Jerome completing "Whoa"
Old School CrossFit Pics